Educators across the country are taking note: Research shows that instilling and encouraging positive character strengths, such as kindness, compassion and perseverance, can be as important to our children as the basics of learning math and reading. We want our kids to grow up in a world that celebrates character and a generosity of spirit. 

They learn how to be happy, share happiness and live positive lifestyles. When we choose to teach our students about happiness, we become the catalyst for positive change in ourselves and others. 

Questions to engage students in a discussion about authentic happiness

  •     If you were to draw happiness, what would be in the picture?
  •     What do you think makes other people happy?
  •     What kinds of things can we do to help our (parents, friends, teachers) be happier?
  •     What do other people do that makes us happier?

You can help make an impact on their lives by creating your school’s own Happiness Wall or hosting a 31-day #HappyActs Campaign. This is a fun, easy way to focus on positive traits, engage kids in a fun activity and become a part of the global movement. 

Create a Happiness Wall


A happiness wall is a place full of fun and camaraderie. Students will place cards on the walls after they complete the sentence “I will share happiness by...”

perform daily #HappyActs

HA Popup tries2_100dpi2.jpg

Invite students to join in fun activities throughout the month of March. #HappyActs provide kids with joy and fulfillment through everyday acts of kindness.


Bonus School Materials!

Download these 4 lesson plans and their corresponding homework assignments specifically created for elementary school students. Each lesson explains a specific theme and offers a classroom lesson and fun activity. 

We hope you and your school will join us this March for International Day of Happiness, as we acknowledge and celebrate the importance of happiness, health and well-being in cities across the country. Teach your students how to thrive, and bring out the best in their character.